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Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan, an Astana Motors company, is a 100% Kazakhstan company engaged in the development of the national automobile industry.
Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan is focused on innovation and technological solutions in compliance with the global quality standards. The strategic objectives set for Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan:

  • Improve the reliability and quality of products.

  • Achieve leadership in the automobile industry on the markets of Kazakhstan, CIS and near-abroad countries.

  • Improve the HR policy and develop human resources.

  • Set up a solid base for effective management.

  • Develop and expand (localize) automotive components in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan undertakes to ensure the operation and continuous improvement of the integrated management system (ST RK ISO 9001-2016/МС ISO 9001:2015, ST RK ISO 14001-2016/МС ISO 14001:2015 and ST RK ISO 45001-2019/МС ISO 45001:2018) and, in achieving its strategic objectives, commits to:

  • Ensure and maintain the high quality of Hyundai cars.

  • Bring up the culture, commitment, amiability and politeness in Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s employees.

  • Set up a solid base for the professional growth and development of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s employees by delivering advanced training for workers, increasing awareness of corporate policies and improving workplace safety, etc.

  • Guarantee maximum workplace safety, care for employees’ health, ensure occupational health and safety, industrial and fire safety.

  • Guarantee the cleanness of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s sites and ensure the effective and lean use of components and accessories (including chemicals and other substances), with due regard to the reduction in air emissions.

  • Reduce the negative impact of the company’s operations on the environment, improve environmental performance of processes by improving the environmental management system and improve energy performance and efficiency.

  • Contribute to the positive impact on the environment and environmental safety on site by using global trends/innovations affecting the rational use and saving of natural and energy resources.

  • Manage professionally the potential risks associated with Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s operations and occupational health and safety opportunities.

  • Comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, specifically, industrial standards and rules that regulate Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s operations in social, environment, occupational health and safety, industrial and fire safety and other areas.

  • Monitor, analyze and assess regularly Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s performance in achieving the strategic objectives.

Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan assumes responsibility for the implementation of this Policy, performance of its obligations, achievement of the main strategic objectives and commitment to create conditions that ensure the informed engagement of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s employees and stakeholders in achieving the goals of continuous improvement of the quality, environment, health and safety management systems.
Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan also undertakes to communicate the Policy to the employees and stakeholders, ensure that they have access to the Policy and that Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan’s employees understand and comply with the Policy.

Date: 17.08.2022

Director:  Tarassov М.