Quality police

Quality police 

Our Company, Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan, an Astana Motors company, has set out the following general intentions and growth options:

  • build and develop the national car industry;
  • provide the domestic market with new, safe and reliable cars of the
  • highest world-class quality;
  • gradually increase the share of localization;
  • involve new car building professionals;
  • increase exports to the CIS and near-abroad countries.

Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan assumes responsibility for the quality, safety and reliability of our cars through strict compliance with:

  • The Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (ТR ТS 018/2011) “On the Safety of Wheeled Vehicles”;
  • Hyundai Motor Company’s qualty standarts;
  • International standard RК ISO 9001–2016 (ISO 9001:2015).

While employing a process-based approach and risk-oriented thinking, strengthening the system of quality checks at all production stages, and always counting on the customer feedback. Our company ensures that the employees fully understand the Quality Policy and Objectives through quality management system trainings and certidications