Pyramid of values

Pyramid of values


Be the most in-demand and successful car manufacturer in Kazakhstan and the CIS through our innovative and high-tech solutions, while complying with Hyundai's global quality standards


Provide Kazakhstan and CIS markets with new, safe and reliable cars of the highest global quality, while caring for people and the environment


Offering the best quality, we are developing the corporate culture with the client's interests being our top priority.

We always move beyond and are not afraid of challenges. Using the innovative approach, we are confident in pursuing our goal with the same passion and inspiration.

Thanks to the cohesion, feeling of unity and effective communication, we can achieve a closer interaction with our colleagues and partners.

We believe that the future of our plant is in the hearts and abilities of each and every one of us, therefore we are building the corporate culture that helps develop the potential of employees and respects their talents.

We respect the diversity of cultures and traditions and are committed to be the best in our field.


The trust of our customers, safe working conditions and the image of our brand


The highest quality and 100% compliance of our cars with Hyundai Motor Company's global standards