Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan

The local manufacturing plant of Hyundai cars is a strategic facility for the development of the domestic auto industry. It contributes to the growth of the economy and its diversification, increases the level of innovative development of the country, ensures the advancement of the professional staff, saturates the Kazakhstani market with new cars and works towards exporting cars to the CIS countries.

Vehicles per year


The enterprise is fitted with the latest equipment produced in South Korea, including the shops of welding, painting, assembly, painting of plastic parts and a warehouse for components. Hyundai’s high standards of quality at the enterprise are ensured by the experienced mechanical engineering specialists under the supervision of the engineers of Hyundai Motor Company.
Jobs have been created

In the fall of 2020, the CKD assembly has already launched, including welding and painting.

The first car produced by the method of SKD assembly got off the line in April, 2020.

Working with us

Working at Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan is not only stability, social guarantees and good working conditions, but it is also great opportunities for personal and professional growth. We offer work for goal-oriented and self-motivated people who are ready to develop together with the company.

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Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan


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