Attention to the consumer

  • No surcharges or other fees not included in the price of the car are required to purchase it.
  • To purchase a car, contact an Authorized Hyundai Dealership, choose the model, read and sign the sales contract, or buy a car through the Online Purchase page.
  • Hyundai cars made in Kazakhstan are sold under discount certificates by Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan LLP through Authorized Hyundai Dealerships. In other cases, cars are sold through Authorized Hyundai Dealerships on behalf of the Distributor of Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan LLP.
  • This Contract may be terminated by mutual consent of the Parties. The parties also have the right to unilaterally withdraw from the Contract in the cases expressly provided for in the applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and/or the sales contract.
  • If the Buyer unreasonably refuses to accept the car by not signing the vehicle acceptance certificate and/or by taking other actions indicating such refusal, the amount paid by the Buyer under the sales contract shall be refunded to the Buyer minus ten percent (10%) of the car value, which covers the losses incurred by the Seller in connection with reserving the car for the Buyer and prohibiting other potential buyers from purchasing it. The Seller has the right to return the full amount paid by the buyer under the sales contract without deducting the amount of the penalty mentioned above at the Seller’s discretion without further agreement with the buyer.